What does “down the line” mean?


“Down the line” is a surf term and a skill needed to advance in the sport. To surf “down the line," your board is turned to go down the wave, or parallel to shore. To skate or snowboard “a line” is about the path you travel, and to execute it well takes planning and focus. All athletes learn that your body or the ball will go where your eyes are looking. Focusing is everything. We must be always looking ahead.

In pursuing life with Christ, our eyes are fixed ahead on Jesus.  In Matthew 14, Jesus walked on water and encouraged Peter to step out of the boat in faith.  When Peter kept his eyes on Jesus, he stayed on top of the water, but when he panicked and looked down, he began to sink.

If a surfer looks down at the wave or their board, they lose their balance.  Surfers, skaters, and riders learn to focus their eyes on what’s ahead… and in life, we all need a Savior on whom we can fix our eyes not only to keep our balance but for eternal life.  Jesus is that Savior.


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