We have some cool stuff going on!


Here are just a few of the things we do throughout the year:

  • Longboard sessions - Hampton Beach strip

  • Weekly DTL Club and Bible Studies

  • Slope Outreach at Gunstock, Waterville, & more!

  • Beach/Surf Outreach (Wanna try surfing?! We have gear!)

  • Summer hiking Trips to the White Mountains

  • Girls' Skate Days (Cuz girls skate too!)

  • Movie, Firepit, & Game Nights

  • Tarp Surfing Events

  • Ultimate Frisbee (seasonal weekends)

  • College Outreach (UMass Lowell & UNH)

  • Partnering with Cru Summer Missions for Beach Evangelism

  • Volunteering for "Surfing with Smiles" Events

  • Speaking at Churches, Youth Groups, and Schools

  • Beach Cleanups

  • Volunteer Training.... & more!


We are actively engaged with a worldwide community of shred missionaries.  Always striving to remain in the thick of what God is doing in action sports worldwide, and to further prepare ourselves for the mission to which He has called us, we regularly participate in national/international conferences, global bible studies, and prayer calls.