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Our Vision


Founded in 2018, Down the Line's mission is multiplication – making disciples (Mat 28:18) and preparing God’s people for works of service (Eph 4:12). 


Whether through action/shred sports (surf, skate, and snowsports) communities or student outreach, Down the Line Ministries targets youth/young adults to raise up and equip young leaders to be ambassadors for Christ.

Our slogan for ministry is to live radically, give generously, and love unconditionally  - loving and serving others through relational ministry - the way Jesus showed us in his earthly ministry.

Across the country, we continue to see staggering rates of youth suicidality, mental health challenges, and substance misuse. Despite this age of social media with “friends at the tip of your finger,” youth experience deep loneliness. 


Entrenched in these broken communities and fueled by the Holy Spirit, youth leaders from DTL are perfectly poised to build real relationships and share God’s love and the hope of the gospel – whether with students or action sports enthusiasts. Youth are hungry for genuine friendship, love, and acceptance.


Hearts are being touched; youth are responding!

God is on the move through DTL!


With our amazing crew of volunteers, DTL is a parachurch organization, operating under the direction of the Holy Spirit to meet the specific needs of our area of New EnglandWe are part of a global movement to impact action sports and are well-networked with similar ministries all around the world.

Our leaders and volunteers are actively involved in church life and highly value the biblical importance of church community. We invite local churches and individuals from the body of Christ to partner with us - prayerfully and financially - in this calling to "shine the light of Christ into some of the darkest communities of the northeast."