Bombing hills is exhilarating. Swish swish swish as I zoom at 48mph down the slope.jpe

Shred Outreach  

Our ministry roots began as an action sports or shred outreach - focused on surf, skate, and snowsports. Headquartered in coastal New Hampshire, we are uniquely located with access to the beaches and mountains. With many people doing multiple action sports, it makes sense for our outreach to touch all three sports.


SURFING: Surfing is a year-round sport; our leaders are out there in all weather. Never tried it? We do love to share the love of surfing with new people, especially in the smaller waves of summer. You will mostly find us at "The Wall" in Hampton and Jenness in Rye. 

SKATING: Down the Line leaders also enjoy skateboarding (in the parks or around town), longboarding (freestyle and freestyle dancing too!), and carving (around campus or the beach boardwalks). Skateboarding is a unique community with which we feel a strong call to share God's love.

SNOWSPORTS: Once the snow flies, we can't wait to hit the slopes to ride or ski! You'll mostly find us at Gunstock and Waterville Valley. We love building slope relationships - not just by shredding together but also on the journey to the mountain and the chairlift rides between runs. 

If you would like to join us out on the beaches, slopes, or skateparks, we'd love to make that happen!  Hit us up!

Check out this epic video by our friends at Snowboards & Skiers for Christ which we feel perfectly describes what shred ministry is all about - whether on the slopes, at the skatepark, or in the waves.  There is darkness in these communities and we have been called to be a light.